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Alero Design Studio

Alero Design Studio is a multi disciplinary, independently owned, digital design, marketing & advertising company, passionate about graphic design, branding & business.

" Design is a never ending story "

— UnKnown


About Us


ADS is based in Abuja, Nigeria with a belief that great design cannot happen without passion, creativity and above all personal commitment, all of which are demonstrated in our portfolio of work. 

Our work encompasses, graphics, custom cards, branding and identity, products and packaging, digital experiences, advertising and communications.

Design is ideas made visible. We work with individuals and businesses to develop their stories through design. We thrive through a belief that design is simplicity carried through to elegance.

Our goal is to design projects based on the unique individual needs of a client, thereby delivering work that's fresh, cohesive and impactful.

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"Styles come and go. Good design is a language, not a style."

— Massimo Vignelli


With a unique style and eye for detail, ADS does a lot of design work focused on branding and typography for individuals & clients from various industries.

We design visuals that Stand Out!


We Do


We’ve perfected the process of building unforgettable logos and 

crafting visual impressions for your brand story.

ADS uses custom design solutions to maintain a cohesive identity for your brand that will out perform your competition. Our designs are visually compelling and move your customers to action.


We ensure that our designs come to life in print. 

From Custom Cards to Product Labels, Packaging, Marketing & Advertising Prints, we design, render, print and deliver!

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“The role of the designer is that of a good, thoughtful host anticipating the needs of his guests.”
–Charles Eames


The Designer


Ebiyemi Alero Ogunniyi


Hi, I'm Alero.

I am a Creative Designer and Entrepreneur.

I design Graphic Contents like this one.

I started Alero Design Studio to be able to develop beautiful, colourful, creative and catchy graphic designs for individuals and brands that leaves a lasting impression. My work enables individuals be able to express themselves and personalities in a unique way. 

For businesses, I help them deliver a clear message on their brand identity, goals and services with a consistent visual style. My strategic thinking, distinctive logos and memorable visual designs will ensure your product or brand look elegant, refined, professional and timeless.

You are unique, your brand, graphics and business deserves to be too.

I design visuals that Stand Out!

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